Dark Doesn't Equal Bad

There has been a recent backlash out against the idea of 'dark' works. Hell one just has to read the comments on most of the i09 articles to see this. However I feel that many of these arguments are incredibly unfair and ignores many great dark films, comics, video games etc that have come out during their entire run…

Why I Don't Read Spoilers

I rarely ever go looking for spoilers for things I want to watch/read, maybe I'll see a trailer or two or read a brief on Vue to see what type of film it is but that's nearly always it. So it gives me great displeasure when I get spoiled. Now I am not referring to getting spoiled if I go to a forum about the subject…


PS4 Blue Ring of Death Poem

And so it was, that 10,000 angry customers marched towards SONY japan,
with receipts in their hands and blood on their minds.
On that rainy night, the forces of SONY and elves took a stand and armed ready for war.
The customers came, the war chants echoing through the souls of SONY's employees,
And then, Kazuo Hirai