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Regular use of infrared iron gives the following effect

  • Dry and brittle hair after dyeing is eliminated. Even the most gentle paints have a negative effect on the structure. An infrared iron helps eliminate the effects much more efficiently and in a shorter period.
  • The appearance of “fluffy” ends is prevented. Split ends are peeling flakes of a hair shaft. Healthy hair has scales that lie exactly layer by layer. Therefore, the hair along the entire length is uniform and smooth. When the structure is broken, the flakes begin to exfoliate, the effect of “fluffiness” appears at the ends. The infrared iron fixes this problem well and fixes the result for a long time.
  • After staining, the color becomes more saturated and lasts longer. When the hair has a healthy structure, the scales are closed and the pigment is not quickly washed out. Therefore, the color remains saturated for a long time.
  • Due to the strengthening of the structure of the hair and its excellent hydration, the density and volume increase , the curls acquire elasticity and a healthy shine. Check out for more detailed guide.
  • Tangible savings due to the low consumption of therapeutic and regenerative agents. When using cold ironing, the percentage of absorption of active substances is very high. To obtain the desired effect, a smaller amount of therapeutic or restorative agent is needed. The device is very effective when used in salon procedures. Since the means for treatment and recovery are of high cost, using an infrared iron reduces their consumption and, accordingly, the cost of the procedure itself also decreases.
  • Works great for preventive purposes. Hair needs constant nutrition and hydration. Regardless of the means used, the infrared iron gives guaranteed hydration and sealing of the scales. When there is good hydration and the scales of the shaft lie evenly, then the hair is shiny, elastic and even.
Illustration for article titled Infrared Hair Straighteners

How it works?

Moleculation of hair is a new technology for their restoration. The process takes place at the molecular level. Hair consists of many scales, which in a healthy state lie evenly layer by layer and outwardly look uniform along the entire length and shiny. Under the influence of negative factors, the hair structure is violated. They gradually become dry and brittle, the ends are split, the luster is lost.

To repair damage hair, it is necessary to carry out restoration procedures using special means. The active substances contained in their composition should get into the hair for a better result. This conductor is an infrared iron with ultrasound.

Ultrasonic waves of one plate break down the molecules of water and proteins of the therapeutic agent, turning them into steam. So they easily penetrate inside and begin to work, providing almost one hundred percent delivery of the necessary nutrients and restorative substances. And the infrared rays of the second plate seal the hair scales. Thus, the hair becomes smooth, even and shiny.


In the usual application of a therapeutic agent, only a fifth of it gets inside, so the result of treatment and recovery is longer. More money is spent, and the effect of exposure is not so strong and lasting.

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