Back on the 3rd of August, Kotaku posted their weekly Sunday Comics, one of which was " 2nd Option" by Josuѐ Pereira as part of his Nerf Now!! Series:

If you ever read any of Nerf Now!! (Kotaku links to it every Sunday), you'll know that the comic is very fan-service heavy, done usually as very tongue and cheek and as way to critique gaming fandom (the fact he draws himself as a Tentacle should of given that away). However, as you may have guessed, me and a few others felt a bit uncomfortable (not helped by Kotaku only posting the 2nd part of the storyline meaning we didn't have the context for the events and part 3 doesn't help that much) and were surprised as to why Kotaku posted it.

I decided to contact Jo via email to express my feelings as I thought the comic was a bit mean spirited and as someone who has been harassed as a Cosplayer (though I'll admit I have been luckier than many of my female counterparts, guess haters don't find Android 17 sexy) felt personally disturbed. What I discovered however was that Jo was incredibly kind and understanding to me. He was incredibly informative and was very sympathetic to my harassment. After doing more research on the guy, even though his comics have lots of fan-service and he does draw porn versions of his work on Rule34. He honestly comes across as somebody who would stand up against a cosplayer being harassed (regardless of gender) and the first one to call out being bullying and being offensive to women.

Let's just say he made a fan for life that day.

I've been on or off on whether I should post this as I don't want the guy to get negative press after being so nice to me. However I've been thinking to myself on whether or not you can be a feminist while drawing fan-service and porn at the same time? It's obvious to anyone that many area of the nerdy part of our culture such as Sci-fi, Fantasy, comics etc are not exactly women friendly with sexism and harassment to that hard to find.


Hell, one just has look at mainstream comics like DC recent debacles like Red Hood and the Outlaws and the Outlaws and Teen Titans #1 to see how bad it can get.

However, Jo response has made me confused and I would really like some help and thoughts on the matter.