Today marks the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 bombings, where suicide bombers coordinated an attack in central London that caused the death of 52 civilians and injured 700 more. But if you live in the US, you likely didn’t know this as your media couldn’t give a crap about it and in many cases, are actively trying to make sure you don’t know.

Sadly, this is hardly surprising as the US has a history of making sure their people don’t know about terrorist attacks in Britain. Most notably the IRA.

Okay, it’s important to note when I say US here, I mean the people in power like the government and not the US population as a whole. I love you guys and it really hurts me to say this.

How about the USA fully supporting and allowing the rich to heavily fund the IRA, aka the Irish Republican Army as it killed and injured Irish and British civilians with their terrorist bombings. How the f*** were the US Government so ignorant that they were willingly and knowingly supporting terrorists!?

It wasn’t just the rich and those in power either. Just look at your media at the time like for example the Simpsons. In the episode Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment, during the brawl that breaks out at the St. Patrick’s Day parade a British-style pub explodes, an obvious reference to the infamous IRA pub bombings and the crowd… Starts cheering? WTF. Yay way to make fun of terrorist victims Simpsons writers, you classless f***s.

Or let’s take a look of this infamous example from Star Trek TNG (something even the writers admit was a mistake):

And the USA has never apologized for it, never tried to support the victims that they allowed to happen. Never said “Yeah, we F*** up” to all the other people around the world who were and still are affected by the US supporting terrorism.


You know what makes it worse, after 9/11 happened, the US government and media decided to ignore what they had done. Wash away the blood and cries of those they allowed to die because after all, the US had now been affected, that means it’s now serious right? Hense why the 7/7 bombing barely get any media coverage in the US because after all, you guys weren’t affacted therefore you shouldn’t care.

It sickens me how your media treats terrorist victims before 9/11 as they are not important, that they should laughed off as if they were no big thing. It sickens me that NBC decided to cut the 7/7 tribute at the London Olympics because, “it wasn’t tailored for US audiences” as if people in the US should only care if Americans were affected.

In the comics, Ben Parker said, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. When is the US government and media going to take that advice?


Rant over and again, I don’t hate you guys, I just wish your media and government wasn’t so f***ed up when it comes to terrorism.